Insurino is the only technology provider that helps consumers gain control over their insurance coverage

From the very start of our operations, we have been working with improvement of the face of insurance products in the consumers' eyes. Creating tools to provide all individuals a better understanding of their coverage and to help insurance providers improve their customer service.

From the initiation, we've taken a stand to protect consumer's rights over their personal information. Insurino is not dependent on any insurance provider. We are not an insurance broker and we don't get any commissions from the sales of insurance products.

Insurino's core tools are built to be used along with other customer-oriented initiatives. They allow insurance providers to serve their clients quickly and efficiently, focusing on customer needs rather than on data collection and follow-up calls.


Waldemar Gromov

Business development

Risk manager, consultant for Nordic insurers

Nikita Koroed

Solution architect

Head of internet solutions for major banks