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Insurino provides the online tools for customer service reps and sales teams. The tools are built on the market leading technology, with the highest security grade and smooth user experience to achive high conversion rates.

Insurino is not a broker and does not benefit from any sales to the end-customers. Information the consumers choose to process with Insurino service is therefore handled with the highest security standards, strictly in line with the end-user instructions and the current privacy policy.

Insurino team

Insurino team members have a long experience from Swedish and European financial companies. We have been engaged in the automation projects, that free up the staff allowing them to focus on the value-adding business activities, instead of on data cleansing and data validation.

Customer onboarding process, is still a common source of friction both for consumers and for customer agents. It opened up for opportunity to develop solutions bringing the sales and customer care experience to the next level, beyond the customer 360. Send us an email with your questions, and learn more about the use cases and the best practice, relevant for your market niche.