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Support your customers in the online channels.
Insurino embedded online tools help you drive the conversions online. Refer to the customer’s current contractual details directly on your website.

Generating leads to your website is a costly project, especially if you find yourself in a high customer value sector. Digital channel managers like you are required to constantly tweak the process to be ahead of the competition.

A drop out on the last step of the sales funnel, just because a customer couldn’t select the correct start-date for your excellent contract is a costly mistake. Low conversion rate and a high cost per click results in hundreds of dollars wasted for such lead.

Embed the Insurino tools on your website easily and build a 3-click checkout for different product types without any manual user input.

Easy embedding
Embed the tools directly on your website with a single line of code. Use the available APIs and SDKs for further customization.
Reduce the drop-out
Simplify the sign-up experience with validated information, right on your website.
Smooth 3-click checkout
Offer unique customer experience, Build a process without any manual information input

Correct & validated order details

Signing up for services like insurance, is not anything consumers are used to do on regular basis. Even straight-forward questions may become challenging when end-users are facing them for the first time in many years.

Getting a new coverage for an existing object, requires customer to dig through the details, reviewing their policy letters, something that few of them are willing to do.

Try Insurino Online onboarding to let your customers find the key information on the existing contracts, no matter of the current provider. Embed the information directly in your online checkout, with a single line of code.

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