Less awkward questions – higher conversion

Complete overview of contractual details.
Let your prospects access and share their insurance policy details right on the spot. Spend your time on meaningful conversations, share your expertise and win the customer right away.

Whether you are working in customer care or with outbound sales to private market – you are focused on delighting your customers and exceeding their expectations.

Even when your offering is clearly better than customer’s current contract, they may find it quite difficult to accept. Many consumers are simply too busy to remember every contractual due date, current costs or selection of extras they made several years ago.

Insurino Broker portal, gives you a full picture of the customer’s policies, regardless of their current provider. Handle client’s concerns without any awkward questions or requests to dig through their papers, mailboxes or other resources.

Reach clients & drive revenues
Talk to the best prospects, that usually never have time for a conversation with you
Shorten your sales calls
Cover more products with correct contract details in front of you. Eliminate follow-ups
Improve your service quality
Ensure your prospect gets the right conditions and the offer that they will accept

Instead of selling single insurance products, we are now able to address all the coverage needs of the customer.

Our customers really appreciate the new service level. The best part – we adopted Broker portal in a matter of hours, without any installations.

Head of sales, private market

All the key details - in a few clicks.

The best sales and customer service reps share their knowledge to engage with their prospects.

Just to start a conversation, the prospect is usually facing a request to provide some info upfront. Recalling the key policy details, just to pass it over is far from the top priority for many of us.

Making your prospects put in this effort simply turn many of them away from even starting the conversation. Let them take control and get oversight of their contract details.

Get all the details from your prospects in seconds to create tailored quotes. No installation required – get started with Broker portal by requesting your account right away.

Get a glimpse of the capabilities Get a glimpse of the capabilities
“Normally, I never talk to the sales people on the phone, cause it requires me to review and prepare my information in advance. In this case it becomes easier for me to simply complete everything online myself.
On the other hand, why wouldn’t I talk to an insurance agent, if they could provide a better coverage for all my objects, without spending 40 minutes, asking all the questions on the phone?”
Lars Blom, consumer
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